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    Disabilty Awarness

    First Class Personal development learning Improve your disability awarness


    Level 2 Food Hygiene

    Achieve the food certificate to get work in Food Catering – Understand the basics of food law – Hazards to


    Positive Audio

    Subsidized by JobnetworkBristol Funding Think more Positive Reduce Smoking Positive lifestyle,  hypnosis like audio Available soon, link to the store


    Learning Difficulty Awarness

    This course has been designed to ensure that you understand Learning Disabilities and are aware of its causes. The main


    Covid 19

    Prevent Covid 19 – Describe what is meant by infection control – Identify relevant government legislation – Recognise the causes


    First Aid

    When you Checkout purchase we will enroll you on to First class presented First Aid Course – Managing incidents –


    Mental Health Awareness

    Improves your mental health, being able to understand and support other people with basic knowledge of Mental health


    Care Certificate

    First Class presented Care certificate Standard 1 – Understand Your Role Standard 2 – Your Personal Development Standard 3 –


    Learnmyway Online Health

    Professional Advice Access Health services online provided by Good things Foundation

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