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NEW Job Search Facility

Learn MS Office software with BT Skills For Tomorrow

We have fixed some website errors, if u find what are called Broken links contact us Thankyou

BT Skills for Tomorrow training now available here At MTrain eAcademy

Need extra help with online skills join

English Maths #Information Technology Study Make IT Click and BT Skills

Can u help We need people to take part in Google Make IT Click and BT Skills for Tomorrow, reqs 30 minutes and we can advise what to learn via online email [email protected]

Ask Google

“Content is King”

Would u like to learn more about Writing content, Computer skills, Video making, Social Media management With Google Make IT Click you can learn about Photography picture to be added

Student Manager Events update

it’s been a difficult couple of months and it is sure to carry on for sometime more, we have PC remote access you can continue your training without leaving your home, work on your CV. We are here on Mtrain meetups at regular times as before, always free for a chat about anything.

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